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The roof condition inspection is a very important inspection to have done for any potential home owner. Often times the roof may seem to be fine but it can have a past that is unaware to the potential buyer. In cases where perhaps the roof had been caught on fire the following repair needs to make sure the roof’s condition is not a safety hazard to the people residing within the home.  Signs of weakness may need to be more thoroughly checked and repairs done throughout the years needs to also be well investigated.

When a roof condition inspection is performed there is four areas of interest that the home owner should be fully aware of.  The inspection will determine if the roof system is performing appropriately, identify signs of weakness, identify deterioration or hazard, and identify needed repairs. Once all four of these things have been thoroughly analyzed then the rest of inspection tends to go smoothly. Give us a call today and let our team of professionals give you a thorough and accurate report and give you peace of mind.

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