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A Full Home inspection is usually done in the process of purchasing a home. Normally this process is done to let the customer be fully aware of what they are about to purchase with full details as to what needs to be repaired on the property. This process makes it safe and secure for the customer to buy a move in ready home. A full home inspection also helps let the customer know if the purchase is worth processing by informing them the full extent of damage that perhaps can’t be seen upon simply visiting the home.

The inspection report is very thorough starting off by inspecting what can be seen to the naked eye. This usually includes analyzing the cooling or heating systems of the home, if the home has it. Among the more visible things inspected are the homes building components. These are typically easily seen, reached, entered, and touched without difficulty or endangerment to the inspector. The overall inspection is done quickly and a report with the full details is then given to the customer within a 24 hour period.

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