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A Full Home inspection is usually done in the process of purchasing a home. Normally this process is done to let the customer be fully aware of what they are about to…

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A four point inspection is an inspection that focuses on four particular aspects in a home HVAC (Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning), electrical wiring and panels…

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The roof condition inspection is a very important inspection to have done for any potential home owner. Often times the roof may seem to be fine but it can have a…

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Wind mitigation inspections have proven to be very beneficial for many reasons. Among the obvious safety measures necessary to secure your family‚Äôs safety is the…

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Welcome To SFL Home Inspectors

We Are A licensed, Insured, and Internachi Certified Home Inspection Company. Serving Miami-Dade, Broward, palm beach, and Monroe Counties.

The purchasing process can be very stressful and require a lot of unexpected bumps in the road to be handled. During this time you need to make sure that your purchase is in fact worth the stress and that you are getting exactly what you bargained for. This is why the inspection process is so vital. If you place your project in the hands of a professional it can help take some of the unnecessary stress off of your back as well as make things runs smoothly.

Here at SFL Home inspection we can ensure that our customers are choosing a qualified, honest, and experienced home inspection company to keep them well aware and informed of the situation. We take the time to be thorough with every inspection giving you the real answers that you need to help you make that final decision. Upon completion of our inspection our customers each receive a report with the full details that they need and deserve to know. Give us a call today and our professionals will get to work for you.

Certified, Licensed, & Insured

We provide excellent service to each & everyone of our customers using only excellent quality products with professional service. Give us a call today and experience the difference.

General Contractor # CGC-1515514
Home Inspector # H1-4774

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